Terms and Conditions

1.  This site is a run by an Online Franchisee of Siomai King.  JC Franchising Inc is the exclusive owner of all the Intellectual Property of Siomai King.  The Trade name, logos, trademarks and copyrights are exclusively owned by the FRANCHISOR

2. Should you need to go to the official siomai king website, you can go to https://siomaiking.ph/

3.The FRACHISOR is NOT ENGAGED in an investment scheme. The payment of the online franchising fee is not an INVESTMENT and you will not earn as INVESTORS just by investing funds with the FRANCHISOR and earn interest without need of doing anything other than placing their money as investment with the FRANCHISOR.

4. The right to use of this website's Siomai King TRADE name is derived from the Online Franchisee / Franchisor agreement.  The use of the Franchisor's trade names in this webside does not a claim of ownership of that tradename.  The Franchisor retains full ownership of any of it's Trade name.

4. Any communication by the Franchisor to the Franchisee affiliated with this website can course through JC Franchising and/or JC Premier's  distributor records of Distributor ID#00346375